BSc in Nursing

I started my training as a registered general nurse in 2002, at the University of Abertay in Dundee.

Originally from Northern Ireland, I was excited at the idea of travel and discovering somewhere new.

Following my training, I soon returned to Northern Ireland and commenced working as a Qualified Nurse.

I started with the elderly in a Nursing home, which progressed into working with Elderly mentally Infirmed (EMI) residents also. As time progressed I began to realise the importance of end of life care, and what it really meant to making a difference.

A lot of my skills developed daily through providing extremely high standards of care. Risk assessing occurred on a daily basis, along with keeping up to date progress notes on those under my care.

Everything had to be critically analysed to ensure those I cared for received the best care possible that was unique and centered around them.

As my career furthered, I felt I possessed a unique passion to provide the care for those in end of life care. This resulted in me staying in this field for over ten years, until the time came to commit more time to my growing family.