The use of cameras in care homes will be debated in Parliament on Wednesday September 5th from 9:30am at Westminster Hall.

The news comes just months after former Attorney General Dominic Grieve MP supported a campaign to make it compulsory for all care homes to have cameras installed in communal areas.

In recent years the use of cameras has been advocated by Jayne Connery who runs the Care Campaign for the Vulnerable.

Care Protect has also championed the use of cameras after the clients we work with reported improved standards of care and decreased safeguarding incidents thanks to the camera safety monitoring.

In a statement Ben Wilson, Care Protect’s Business Development Director for the UK said:

“Care Protect has irrefutable proof that using surveillance and monitoring technologies in care home environments improves the quality of care provided and brings a level of transparency and reassurance for families and residents.”

“After some three years of system use in a number of care settings, we can confirm that even in homes that have scored well in regulatory inspections, material issues have only been detected because of the presence of camera safety and professional monitoring.”

“As to mandatory use across all UK care homes, that isn’t for us to determine. We do believe however that if an act of parliament required such and all providers complied with that legal requirement, a very significant reduction in abuse incidence would result. On average we noted a reduction in safeguarding referrals of some 24% in the first six months of systems use.”

“After thirty plus years of other initiatives to reduce abuses have failed, we believe camera safety monitoring and daily monitoring is a ‘silver bullet’ in tackling poor care and eradicating material regular abuse practices from the care sector.”

We’ll be live tweeting throughout the debate which is scheduled to start at 9:30am at Westminster Hall, so make sure you’re following our Twitter page for all the latest updates.

You’ll also be able to watch the debate live on Parliament TV which can be accessed online: HERE

Care Protect has been providing camera safety monitoring to the care sector for three years. Our system uses the latest technology and is retrospectively viewed by our team of healthcare professionals. Camera monitoring in sensitive areas such as bedrooms is tailored to the individual and measures are put in place to protect the individuals right to privacy and dignity. Care Protect recently expanded to Australia.